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Your logo – The foundation of your brand’s identity and the perfect place to start!

We create logo designs which reflect you and your brand’s personality, is consistent, compelling and visually appealing. An effective logo for your brand strategy will provide a much-needed edge in a competitive market. We present multiple and versatile logo design optionsunique to your business and brand.


Once you have the perfect logo design, it’s time to weave this through all your marketing and communications.

We can assist in a variety of brand executions across all internal and external mediums to ensure consistency of your brand voice. At Edge we love nothing more than seeing your brand rolled out through different forms of media, advertising and other collateral such as signage, corporate livery, stationery, vehicles, uniforms, merchandise and more!


Not only can we help put your creative edge onto paper, we also specialise in marketing strategies and planning. By incorporating all forms of media such as billboards, buses, radio, press releases, magazines and newspapers, to your basic core stationery we’ve got you covered. We’ve created countless branding campaigns, so we know our stuff and can recommend the best print finishes to ensure a premium final product.


Nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you don’t have a business! Websites are fast becoming one of the most valuable pieces of company real estate you can own and we can assist with developing creative yet compelling websites for all types of industries. Already have a website developer? We can even collaborate with your existing developer to deliver ready to use coded files.

Your digital footprint does not stop with a website. Having a website without any digital marketing is like have a beautiful house but having no idea where it is or how to find it. The internet is a powerful tool and we can assist with optimising your website through SEO, SEM, Google AdWords and more sowhen your customers search; you’re found.

Social mediais an immediate connection between you and your customers and requires investment to engage and retain your follower base. Our team at Edge Creative can help develop social media plans across all platforms and deliver everything from basic content to long term strategic brand positioning to ensure your followers become brand adorers.